Here’s a cute little candle spell that you can use if you want to be thought well of at work.

Write out your intentions on a piece of paper. Make sure to include both your boss’s name and your own. Place a few of the appropriate herbs on the paper – patchouli is good, so is gravel root – and wrap them up, folding the paper toward you.

Empty and wash out a baby food jar.

Place the paper in the jar with, perhaps, a John the Conquer root or a piece of Master Root, and fill the jar with honey. Screw the lid closed.

Now, this jar will serve as the candleholder for the candle spell you’re going to do to complete this process (and now you know why I specified a baby food jar; they have nice, fireproof metal lids!). Light a candle every day and let it burn while you read Psalm 34. After reading the Psalm, state your desires out loud, for instance: “[Boss’s name], you see nothing of me except what you would approve; you know nothing of me except what you would approve; you remember nothing of me except what you would approve; and that is what you will write on my evaluation.”

Light the candle, read the Psalm, and state your desires every day for a month before your employee evaluation, especially if the last one was bad. After you have achieved the desired result, do the candle-and-Psalm thing once a week to keep it humming along nicely.

2 thoughts on “Psalms and honey

  1. Hello,

    I found your blog from listening to some of the Lucky Mojo podcasts and went to your wesbite that was mentioned on the show which featured you.

    I’ve been reading your blog while listening to some other shows, and just wanted to mention a tip that I often use for these types of spell.

    I often save the brown paper from the inside of a bag of sugar to write my petitions on when doing these type of sweetener spells just for a little added power.

    Carolina Dean

    My blog:

  2. Oh, elegant! That way you could put it in your shoe, if you need to, and still have some sweetness in it.

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