Well, I spent the most incredible weekend with my wonderful Lucky Mojo classmates and teachers!

Saturday, May 3, was the annual Hoodoo Party and Birthday Bash (for our teacher, miss cat yronwode), where people you only know by their e-mail address and literary style 🙂 got to talk shop for as long as 12 hours!

For nearly all of my life, I have been a shy person, especially in crowds. I carved out a pretty comfortable niche being the wallflower at parties. But not that day. I drifted from small group to small group, from conversation to conversation, sharing all the brain candy that was going (Matthew 13:52, more or less :-)). You know, just like a normal person. I guess it is, in a way, an emotional or spiritual or maybe even a magical growth spurt.

Sunday, May 4, I attended the Hoodoo and Rootwork Workshop at the Home of Truth in Alameda, California. This workshop was a set of master classes in magical technique. The teachers were experienced and gifted rootworkers: cat yronwode, of course, Dr. Kioni, Dara Anzlowar, and Tanisia Greer. I was eager to attend the sessions on Astrology for Rootworkers and on Spiritual Footwashing, both new to me. The other workshops were devoted to general principles of candle magic and the making and blessing of mojo bags — and here, too, though I have several years’ experience in these two areas, I learned a number of important things.

So, I’m still flyin’, but not in a psychedelic hippy-dippy way; my course is straight and true and the travel is easier than it has ever been. I spent an hour or so this evening doing some of the best altar work I have done in months. The candle I burned on the road opening honey jar left a little bit of wax in the shape of a horn of plenty; the mojo bag I charged and blessed tonight was dancing with excitement over the candle flame.

And I’m about to get a separate phone line for Hoodoo Foundry, thanks to Vonage.com and Amazon.com.

2 thoughts on “Master Class

  1. Whow! When I read your awesome story I feel unbelievably good although I’m really jealous…!

    Hoodoo Blessings,
    AraBee (from Germany)

  2. Well, the Hoodoo Birthday Bash has seen guests from all over the US and even from Scandinavia — so set your lights and save your pennies!

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