Well, my family and I have big plans these days, and what better way to start than with a Road Opener candle from Lucky Mojo? I dressed this candle under the guidance of Dara Anzlowar during the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Workshop last week. And I must say, it’s been burning sluggishly and reluctantly until yesterday. I’ve had to tweak it every couple of hours, poking deep holes in the candle with a chopstick to allow the flood of melted wax to run off, so the wick had some room to burn. There was a big old wall of wax on one side, too, like a big old Thou-Shalt-Not.

That is, until yesterday.

Since yesterday afternoon, that candle is burning as prettily as you could wish. Nice robust flame, glass absolutely clear.

Also, my husband’s doctor called us about a couple hundred dollars’ worth of insurance snafu that we just discovered; they are going to straighten it out.

And – here’s the weird part – I’m still struggling with some of my oldest fears. But now my effective “pacifiers” have dwindled down to two. I can’t eat about it any more and feel better; reading science fiction doesn’t soothe like it used to. No, I have only two pacifiers left:

  1. Plan your work.
  2. Work your plan.

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