Well, today I dressed myself with my favorite fragrances – Attraction, Money Drawing and Steady Work – just before I dropped by the Cafe Sorriso in my hometown this afternoon, and asked to speak to the owner or manager.

A man pointed me toward the nice Korean lady behind the counter, so I asked her: “How do you feel about offering free Tarot readings to your customers?” Well, her English is kind of seldom, so she called the man over. He vaguely knew what Tarot was, but not “up close,” so to speak. First he wanted to know, “What’s in it for you?” Then he wanted to know what a Tarot reading was, exactly, so I gave him a four-card spread. (His first card was the Three of Pentacles, reversed – and when I asked, he said business was “not great.”) So we had a nice long talk about spiritual things in general, hoodoo and what it is, and a little about what it ain’t, and especially about openmindedness. “I’m really interested in all of this,” he said.

So, yeah, I’m offering free Tarot readings at Cafe Sorriso on Saturdays, starting tomorrow from 2 pm to about 4:30. It is, as the reviews at the link state, quiet and friendly. By all means, drop by if you’re in town.

Try the green tea latte, too; it’s fantastic.

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