I only got to do one reading at Café Sorriso today — the new manager! Pentacles came up — one reversed, one upright — so we got into a conversation about market research!

It was extremely quiet after that — I myself was about one third of the “Sunday lunch rush.” But when I went up to the counter to get my sandwich, the new owner, Tracy, was excited about new plans: “Next week,” she told me, “we’re going to put up a sign, ‘Under New Management,’ and we’re going to have Vietnamese chicken noodle soup, noodle dishes, eggrolls, Thai iced tea, and bubble tea! And we’re going to make everything fresh!”

Now, this little place has changed hands about four times in the past dozen years, and this is the first time I’ve heard about anybody paying serious attention to the quality of the food — and I really think that is the one thing that will make this place take off!

The weekend Tarot readings will continue, of course. I’m shifting my schedule again, hopefully for the last time: noon to 2 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

5 thoughts on “Big doings at the little coffeehouse

  1. I’m all for doing mundane things in conjunction with magickal things to obtain one’s desires. The owners are obviously open to magickal things in that they are allowing you to do the reading (which if I lived there I would definitely come in to see you and try the food)so have you suggested some things they could do magickally to bring in business?

    If they are “into” Hoodoo type things, why not things from their own culture.

    Carolina Dean

  2. Yes, I made that arrangement just before the coffeehouse changed hands again – but the sellers were careful to introduce the new owner to me, and I did a reading for her last week.

    She’s Vietnamese, and I’m not familiar with Vietnamese magical traditions.

  3. I’m not either, but if they share anything with you, please share it with us, your readers.

    I generally like to comment on anything that I read, and I’ve really enjoyed your blog. I just haven’t commented on every single post cause I don’t want to seem like a pest.

    I’m just a firm believer in ‘honoring the succession of teachers’ and whether you chose to or not, when you started this blog and your other website, you set yourself up as a teacher….

    carolina dean

    PS: Are you the same Michaele that gave me advice on Effective Prayer in Dr. Kioni’s Hoodoo U?

  4. Well, I sure don’t feel like a teacher yet. I stick as closely as I can to the traditions I was taught, and my learning curve has been steep because I grew up in a mostly-materialist household. So I feel like I’ve just entered the “star pupil” stage. ::pause to roll eyes::

    Besides the traditions I have learned, what I have to offer is mostly my own experience — which, on a good day cements and refreshes those traditions.

    But this is a big, important, fraught subject, a cultural/spiritual minefield that deserves a whole series of blog entries.

    BTW, I am the same Miss Michaele from the Hoodoo-U group. I had totally forgotten about that thread!

    Don’t be shy about commenting here — it’s good to have feedback from a thoughtful, knowledgeable person. If you don’t want to be the only name in the comments section, just tell all your friends and encourage them to comment here, too. 🙂

  5. Well I’m not an expert on Hoodoo, or anything else for that matter, so I’ve learned a few things from reading your blogs.

    I can’t say I’m completely traditional as far as ingredients go, I try to be creative and work with what I have (especially now).

    I thought you might be the same person. Hmmm it’s a small world after all. I guess I should go back and let everyone reading that thread, that I lost my job and not the other way around. But I’m looking at this as a good thing. There were a lot of bad things going on in that job and it’s probably better that I got out of that situation.

    Just today I updated my profile and added a section called Blogs I Read and yep, I provided a link to your blog. Hopefully my friends will check out your blog too.

    Ok, back to CSI now….

    Carolina Dean :)~

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