… not “Oz.”

Well, we have arrived, and spent the past weekend unpacking things. I almost miss having a produce store and drugstore across the street, but it’s more than balanced by friendly neighbors, attentive (in a good way) landlords, and an actual piece of forest on the property. We have a view of farmland from our bedroom window. We have space to put a dining room table – something we haven’t had for years!

When we landed in Willits on Friday night, our son and daughter-in-law hosted us to a magnificent dinner: we pulled our propane grill out of the moving van and they adorned it with a buffalo tri-tip, of all things – so by guess and by gee, we cooked it just right, somehow. We got to crash at their place, after spending a few hours cleaning up after the previous owner of our new place. We smudged the house repeatedly.

The previous owner left a lot of nice things behind, so we left messages on her cel phone to make sure whether or not she was coming back to get them. No reply, until I asked my daughter, the only tobacco-smoker in our family, to do a little old hoodoo trick: write her name on the next cigarette she smoked.

We got hold of the lady within half an hour.

So, yeah, I’m gloating today, and will be for a long time to come.

I’ll be able to take calls tomorrow, or maybe even this evening. The phone number is here; scroll down to “Miss Michaele.” I’ll be keeping the 510 phone number for a while so as not to confuse everybody; the listing went up just before I moved. The Hoodoo Foundry Phone is a VoIP line, so I can have any area code I want and use that line no matter where I’m living, as long as I have Internet access.

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