I have several good folks on my conscience this week. Altar work has been somewhat delayed, at least one reading summary is hanging fire, and emails are gathering dust in my inbox.

Well, I have not been watching soap operas and eating bonbons, trust me. I had one or two client emergencies to deal with, and I’m coming out of one of those spells where you get up and say: “It’s a beautiful day. I’m going back to bed.”

At least the creakiness is receding, so the energy that goes toward fighting pain can be channeled into the work I promised you.

One persistent reason for delay is the elaborately detailed reading summaries I have been sending out. Those are going to be much more concise in the future; I probably won’t supply a written record of every single card I laid down – just the interpretation they gave rise to.

I’m working toward being able to record the readings as they take place. I can already do that on Skype. I’m not going to keep these recordings, only use them as the basis for simpler (but more accurate) summaries, and then delete them. The freeware I use for recording doesn’t work on Skype-to-phone calls, so I encourage you to use Skype if you can – and then the call itself will be free!  My Skype name is hoodoo.foundry (Skype uses dots instead of spaces).

I am still accepting phone calls, of course.

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