Several times in the past weeks, I’ve had people call me to schedule readings and promise to pay right away.

Then they don’t call to keep their appointment. Often they have not paid, after all, by the time their appointment arrives.

This isn’t much of a problem when I have their phone number, because I can call and remind them, so they can call me right back.

Some people, though, are reluctant to give me their phone number, which means I can’t contact them.

This is not only an inconvenience to me, but also prevents me from using that time to help someone else.

New rule, therefore:

When you schedule a reading, you must:

  1. Pay in advance (PayPal or postal money order)
  2. Leave a phone number or select an email reading.

Readings will no longer be scheduled before payment is received.

I no longer accept Western Union; I have had problems with registration numbers in the past.  I strongly encourage you to use PayPal; it’s fast. I have been using it myself for years and have never had any trouble with it.

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