OMG. Client sent me this yesterday and told me to put it up here!


Words can hardly tell you how fortunate I feel that you have come aboard (WHAT AM I, on a train?!!!).  No, you know what I mean, that you started working with me to help me with a couple of very important PERSONAL matters. YOU spend time BEYOND the reading, telling me things to do, other matters to work on, BUT — MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL IS THE FACT THAT YOU REALLY CARE about your clients, and it comes across in how you give the reading, then listen to my feedback, which is usually breakfast, lunch, and three dinners’ worth by the time I get through.  I just want you to know that you are TRULY PROFESSIONAL PLUS!

Maybe had I found you earlier, matters would have LONG SINCE been resolved, BUT I’m just glad I DID find you.  Thanks for all the help, good advice, but REAL help you’ve given me so far and I KNOW — no, I’M SURE — with YOUR help my results are going to be ALL THAT I WANT AND MORE.

Thank you, Michaele — you REALLY DO know what to do and HOW to do it.

Silvia B.

Well, we have worked long and hard together for over a year. This is a particularly stubborn case, but the Tarot keeps turning up the pretty cards for her. Some mean ones, too, I gotta say; I think the work is going to take a new direction pretty soon.  It’s along, interesting story that I have no right to tell in any detail.

Silvia, good luck, and about a million thanks.

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