I have to explain that my page at AIRR describes me as “spirit led.” (Come to think of it, so does this site.) Every so often, clients ask me if I can get “psychic impressions” of their loved ones, the roots of their troubles, and so forth.

The answer is Yes and No:

No, not just “in my head,” because it gets mixed up with my human pessimism and my human wishful thinking. I often get visual impressions that are both on and off the mark. No, I will not see the face of your ex-husband, but I will see the face of some other loved one, or of another person whose character resembles his. (The first time that happened, it was the face of a swindler, a mini-Bernie Madoff, who I had never heard of – until I saw a headline about him two days later at the Huffington Post. Didn’t look like the client’s husband at all.)

Yes, because the spirit is with me whenever I pick up the cards or open the Bible. The cards don’t lie, even if they tell you a really crazy story, because crazy things do happen.

And the Bible too: a woman trying to reconcile with her ex, whose mother really liked her – my finger lands on a verse in Ruth, “do not return empty-handed to your mother-in-law.” Another whose son was fond of her ex, and would not approve of their breakup – from Psalms: “his eyes, do they not see?” I’m extremely cautious about whether or not my pessimism or my wishful thinking is swamping the spirit’s leading. But there’s no emotional weight, or undue influence possible, to the questions: “This card, or that card? This page, or that page?”

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