Just a few preliminary notes on this year’s Hoodoo Workshops and Miss Cat’s Birthday Bash.

Today was mostly taken up with the Jack Ball workshop, which is only for graduates of the Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course. Now, I signed a nondisclosure agreement, so I can’t tell you what went into the jack balls we made.

And I’m not going to post a picture, either, because you don’t show your jack ball to people. But I do have a very traditional and moderately well-made jack ball in my purse, just waiting to be fed and put to work.

I can say that it was a complicated process, but no more so than a Thanksgiving turkey.

I can also say that my favorite part of the whole excercise was the long historical discursion that began the workshop – Miss Cat can be wonderfully gossipy and chatty about the hangups and social status of obscure historical personages many years dead.

Well, now I’m up for a round of a rootworkers’ game that I don’t have a name for – call it “Micromanagement Spiritual Supplies,” I guess. Miss Cat once gave the example, “Make My Church’s Choir Director Impotent” Oil.

I propose the “My Husband Needs A Boyfriend” Jack Ball.

Your turn 🙂

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