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Remade St. Jude hybrid candle

I was having no end of trouble with the brand of St. Jude candles I was buying: the wicks would sizzle, snapcracklepop, and then drown halfway through the burn despite all my best efforts. (Only one store in town stocks them at all, as far as I know, so I’m not aware that I had any other options.)  Finally, recalling something I had seen on the Wisdom Products website (yes, it’s good old Indio), I decided to melt the wax and stick a taper into the middle of it – the easiest way to insert a new wick, right?

So far so good, right?  As you can see at the left.

Only trouble is, you have to choose the right wick for your wax.  A dense, fairly hard wax, such as you find in a taper, needs a thicker wick.


Soft wax, such as you use for container candles like vigil lights, needs a thinner wick.  Or else this happens:

Yes, it burned all the way down in two days.  It only took a day to get this far down.  And it was black as pitch all the way down.

The original problem – drowning at the halfway mark – was caused simply by the manufacturer’s use of crappy wax. When I melted the original candles in the glass jars, there was half an inch of dirty water at the bottom!  I was able to pour off the now-purified wax.  It’s just the oversized wick that made all the rest of the trouble.

So, upshot:  I’m not going to buy that brand of candle any more, even if they do make the only St. Jude candles sold in this town. I can just as well buy a better candle – plain – and use my own St. Jude picture.

I did learn one useful thing, though: how to get vigil lights in colors they don’t stock locally – cheaply and relatively quickly.  Buy plain white ones, remelt right in the glass, dye, and re-pour. I can even add a pinch of herbs right into the wax. With a hot glue gun and a straw, I can even re-use the wick.

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