If you’ve been reading the TwitterFacebook today, you’ve been hearing about #spiritday all day long. Actually, I did wear purple for most of the day, though I didn’t leave the house.

But I found myself promising a protective/reversing candle for the young folks who have been and still are being hounded to death because they are gay; because they are only trying to be what God made them!

Crafty conjure that I am, I thought you’d like to see the process:

First layer of reversing/protection candle for queer youth in danger
First layer: a white taper, blessing herbs including rose petals and angelica, pink wax (for friendship)
second, black layer of reversing candles
Now they're reversing candles: Fiery Wall of Protection powder, my own Shut Down Enemies herb blend, and black wax.
first candle lit on altar
The first candle has been lit. I placed it very carefully on my altar. The next picture will show why.
This candle - like those for whom it burns - is surrounded by protectors.

If you are a young, not-straight person surrounded by enemies and opposers, being squeezed out of society, this candle burns for you. Send me a message if you want your name placed under it.

2 thoughts on “Instead of wearing purple

  1. Miss Michaele, it’s Tammie, (Triple)
    If this is a news letter, I would love to receive it :). Thanks in advance and I look forward to it!
    Be Blessed!!!

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