Well, on October 20 I burned a candle to support GLBT youth who are being bullied and hounded to death. If that’s your situation, kids, it burned for you.  Now, here’s the sign it left in the wax:

A clear sign in the wax left by the first candle burned to protect GLBT youth from persecution: doesn't that look like a couple leaning in for a kiss?

Honestly, it was about protection and friendship, but I think y’all are heading toward a richer, juicer, more delicious life than you expected.

Yes, definitely a kiss, but — mermaids? (mermen?)

Maybe Iemanja is smiling on you all (a protector of children, among her many functions). Or La Siren?

Anyhow, I lit another one immediately, which is burning nice and clean so far – and it’s almost done.  I’m debating whether to switch to black-and-pink vigil lights – which would require some extra labor to dye two colors – or just go on with two-layer tapers like this.

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