Some of us have a lot of trouble doing spiritual work in a timely manner.  Effective spiritual work takes time, attention, and thought.

Sometimes it’s fear and worry. New Thought folks tell us not to worry because it’ll kill your spiritual work, and there’s a lot of truth in that; but haven’t we all spent too much time worrying about whether we worry too much? Will I really be able to help this person, or am I only taking her money for nothing?

That’s why I’ve been working on Affirmations for Pessimists – little things like these:

  • Wonderful things are happening to me, even though I don’t believe it.
  • Today I earn tomorrow’s fame.
  • Tomorrow never comes  Tomorrow treads on the heels of today!

But sometimes it’s difficult to prioritize: The homeless family? The mother of small children facing divorce? The lady who wants to get that lawsuit settled?


Or – squirrel!

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