I’ve been very busy the past few days with an extremely generous gift from Lucky Mojo: four boxes of broken candles. With the judicious application of heat, this means “a mountain of quality wax and wicks.”

Anyway, the usual creative whirlwind struck, and I’ve been melting, dyeing, re-pouring — and, yes, even re-using wicks!

I’m still learning my way around this process.  Here’s what I’ve been able to do so far:

Small sun-bleached "Eve" candle
This female figural candle, used in working on or for women, was originally pale blue and got bleached by the sun.


Female figural candle, restored to original color
A quick dip in blue wax -- from melting broken blue candles -- made her ready for peace work once again.
Stockpile of re-melted blue wax
Of course there was plenty of wax left over from melting broken candles. 1/3 box down, 2 boxes to go 🙂


A simple method for keeping candle wicks straight
The next thing to master is keeping candle wicks straight as they cool. Not quite as simple as it looks here!

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