Another from Hyatt:

You go to the graveyard and get some dirt (which, of course, you must take from a grave hospitable to you, and pay for with coins and whiskey; show respect, please).

Mix it with sugar, sugar of lead (lead acetate! NoNoNoNo! see below!) and sulphur (what??).

Take it to the crossroads and turn around three times. (Well, this makes sense; you want to turn somebody’s footsteps back to your door.)

Place it under your steps to bring your love back home.

If you change your mind, you can retrieve the mixture and bury it some place far away, to make them leave.

Well, I can see the use of sugar of lead in deceptive death spells, because, though sweet to the taste, it is TOXIC.  I WOULD NOT use it for any other reason.

Sulphur is a powerful spiritual cleanser, but it is also corrosive to breathe; I wouldn’t use it in love work.

I think this spell illustrates Miss Cat’s observation that not everyone Hyatt interviewed knew what they were talking about.

For the sulphur, I would substitute some herb that works for both love and protection: dragon’s blood resin, say, or patchouli. For the sugar of lead, maybe another sweetener, or lodestone hairs.  Unless some other logic is operating that I just don’t see — which I doubt.


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