I’m not the best seamstress (sometimes even a simple bag defeats me!), but I’m pretty good at crochet, one of the simplest forms of which is amigurumi — little dolls crocheted in pieces with one simple stitch, sewn together and stuffed. And the conjure is all in the stuffing, folks.

Crochet doll leg/arm
Here's a limb, suitable for use as either a leg or an arm. This is worsted weight yarn, the most commonly used thickness.
crochet doll torso
Here's the entire torso. You can see the fluffy fiber stuffing through the stitches, unfortunately. I only made that mistake once.
crochet doll torso/legs
Here I've sewn the legs on.
complete crochet doll
Now the dolly is complete. This one was blank, made for practice.
tiny dollbaby
Here's a tiny one I made out of cotton yarn. Not fingering weight, I don't think, but thinner than baby yarn. Shown with a U.S. quarter (25-cent piece) for scale. It fits inside an Altoids box; just right for graveyard work.

The only problem with these dollbabies, I’m told, is that they’re too cute to take to the graveyard or use for mean work.  But if you only use them for positive work, they’re cute enough to be cat toys, which you wouldn’t want. Decisions, decisions….

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