Well, I was thinking about a nice “Wealthy Way” sort of affirmation for you to play with, when my husband found this:

The Man Can: Why Bacon Never Smelled So Good

Basically, 13-year-old starts business selling “manly” scented candles for school. Media picked up story, now swamped with orders.  But the real reason I link it here is: one of the fragrances is Money to Burn.

Now, down’t be skittish — you may not have heard that phrase in a long time — I haven’t since I was a kid, back before personal computers. It may go back to the 19th century. It simply means that even using money for kindling wouldn’t make a dent in your wealth.

So, try this:

“The incense of wealth perfumes my home.  I have money to spend and to lend, to spare and to share, to give away, and even to burn. Yes, prosperity is in the very air I breathe.”


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