Harry Middleton Hyatt devotes an entire section of his magnum opus — about 50 pages — to the use of salt.  Today, though, I want to concentrate on its use combined with red pepper, which is an irritant and can actually do damage to sensitive parts like the eye.  Even folks who don’t work magic know red pepper can send nasty folks away — capsaicin is the active ingredient in pepper spray, after all.

Several informants told Hyatt that you could keep someone away from your house by strewing salt and red pepper on the floor and sweeping it out as they leave.  Or you can cause fighting and breakups by strewing red pepper and salt inside the enemy’s house — even better if the salt was borrowed from the people who live there! Sprinkle it in someone’s yard late at night, or under the doorstep before sunrise, and they’ll have  to move.

But salt with red pepper is also used for protection: put a little in your shoes to turn away any tricks that have been thrown down for you.

There are even a few positive uses for this combination — to get a job, wear it in your shoes; it’ll undo everybody else’s Steady Work spells and unsettle the boss’s mind so you can make your move. It works the same way “to get a fella,” a boyfriend.

Now, I must say that every time I mention this, my fellow conjures wonder if I’ve been hallucinating. I’m absolutely sure that Sindy Todo has said that red pepper is often used in love work around the Gulf Coast, and here are these two tricks from Hyatt.  But a person can only stand so much contradiction, so I shy away from putting red pepper in a honey jar.


23 thoughts on “Trick of the Week: Salt and Red Pepper!

  1. Good post. In my work with Legba, I’ve used whole red peppers steeped in rum. But I’ve also rolled candles in a blend of red pepper and sugar to make results come swift and sweet. The pepper gets it moving. I used it in a jar spell once or twice. Swirling this blend in some clover honey with some chamomile and licorice before you put the paper in can create a dreamy kind of domination effect.

    1. “Dreamy domination” — yes, exactly what I like to achieve in my love work! I always say that when you fix someone for love, they have three choices: to resist, get help, or relax and enjoy! I dig poppy flowers for this kind of work, too.

  2. Im inspired by the knowledge of hoodoo. I would like to know more about it. I have a jinxed love ,and money life.

    1. catherine yronwode’s Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course, along with the Lucky Mojo Forum (forum.luckymojo.com) have taught me many of the best things I know.

    1. Yes, prosperity magic is one of the oldest and largest classes of spells. One of the simplest is to keep a piece of pyrite or lodestone — or both! — in your cash register if you run a shop. If you work out of your home, or for someone else, you can keep tiny pieces of these stones in your wallet or coin purse.

      Another thing you can do is keep a lodestone altar in your home: Prosperity Work you can Do Yourself

      Truth spells — well, this is a wonderful way to use Compelling spiritual supplies. You can dress a command/prayer paper with the oil and put it under a candle or in your shoe.

      There’s a long thread on this very topic at Lucky Mojo Forum: Bring Out Truth Confess Admit Error Feel Remorse Apologize

  3. How to help my son come back to his normal life and stop isolating himself and hullusinate I believe his girlfriend mom got something on him like voodoo

    1. Dear Sharon,
      While it’s possible that his girlfriend’s mom may have put something on him, this mental condition may be mostly or even entirely natural. A reading might help discern this, but an interview with a mental health agency would tell you more. I hope you both find relief.

  4. For some reason i put the combo in my work boots and in different place around my house. Was just an idea i had. I decided to look it up and seen all these uses i never heard about. I am very sensitive to spirit’s and have seen them(a human shaped shadow usually) with my eyes while recording and it will turn out as an orb on video. Catching me on video saying about it moments before the orb is captured on video.
    So i am wondering if it was a spirit that put the idea of using sea salt and cayenne pepper combo.

    1. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if a friendly spirit put this thought in your mind.

      If you want to get closer to this spirit, you might meditate on this statement as you fall asleep: “Who showed me how to put salt and red pepper in my shoes? Show yourself to me in a dream.”

  5. after you write their name on the chili pepper what do you do with it if you want to get rid of a person

    1. I believe you (like Sade, below) are actually thinking of this post: A spell to dissolve negativity by using the forces of decay

      The purpose of that spell is to destroy your own bad luck while giving your enemies the impression that you are continuing to suffer.

      To write an enemy’s name in that spell completely changes the purpose; it becomes a revenge spell to destroy your enemy’s life. A much more conventional spell, but still magically effective because it is actually more traditional.

      But, when working with powdered red pepper and salt, you could certainly write an enemy’s name in the powder and sweep it out of your house or scatter it to the winds (but be careful! you don’t want it blowing back into your eyes!).

  6. My neighbor is nasty and a liar she is after my husband I also work with her, always keeping up a lot of mess, no one at work can stand this lady! I can’t use red pepper because of security cameras We want her to leave us alone. She is evil.

    1. You can dress the outside of your shoe soles with hot sauce or Chinese chili oil and just walk innocently in front of those security cameras!

  7. These family members are throwing something in my mom’s yard, making her legs and next breakout. They are also driving 2 hors away to my sister’s house throwing something in her yard making her feet burn. Now they’ve moved to my state to turning family members against me and dropping something in everyone’s house I go to that’s family. What can we do?

    1. Keep Uncrossing Bath Crystals on hand and bathe your feet (or all over) whenever you notice that burning. Save the bathwater to sprinkle in your yard.

      If you know where they’re parking when they come to lay tricks, you can lay down something nasty for them. Keep it inconspicuous so they drive through it or even step in it without noticing.

      You can also set up mirrors in your house — or even small ones on the outside of the house — to bounce back any negativity when they show up.

      If you are very careful when purchasing and installing outside mirrors — so your own reflection isn’t caught in it — you can remove and break the mirrors after your enemy’s reflection has been caught in it. Of course, you’d have to be just as careful during that process, too. Take the broken mirror fragments to the graveyard, leaving a few coins and a little whiskey in payment.

      For a sustained campaign of aggression like this, I think you also need an experienced rootworker, preferably someone local to you.

  8. My boyfriend of three years left me.Just the other day and I feel that his father is the one that broke us up by seeing a voodoo doctor..What can I do to bring him back.. I have his shoes ,underwear,etc..What do I do to bring him back?

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