Well, folks, the quality of vigil lights is not getting any better, and isn’t likely to improve any time soon. Making them from scratch, which would help, is a pricey business. But, of course, there is another way — another traditional way.

Behold!  The conjure lamp!

The little green lamp, with pyrite, lodestone, cinnamon, and some other useful things, is ready for prosperity work. It's 4 inches tall; the others are 6" and 8" tall.

The roots and things go inside, right in there with the wick and lamp oil.  Some folks like to suspend the curios on a chain and string it around the outside of the lamp.  I’m still making up my mind.

Now, I am most certainly not the inventor of this beautiful thing.  Traditionally, fixed oil lamps have been prepared for communal use — for everybody’s petitions to be slipped under them, like my communal St. Jude and Dr. Hernandez candles.

My brainstorm is to offer miniature lamps in place of vigil lights. So you get one all to yourself.

This is the beginning of my lamp collection. I’ll be buying more of these — purple and blue ones, too.  If you want one, on my altar, let me know!

2 thoughts on “Conjure Craft: A fixed oil lamp, just for you.

  1. Hi miss micheale 🙂 I am interested in having you make and tend a love oil lamp for me on your altar?
    is this still available and what are the rates? Also I am interested in doing a reading about the oil lamp before I start to possibly decide the best petition. Thank you.

    1. Oil lamps cost $60/month (by contrast, a 30-day candle series would cost $100).

      You can click on the big “Book A Reading” button to schedule a reading. For this single question, 15 minutes might be enough, if you already know what you want to achieve. If you’re still undecided, you might need half an hour.

      Miss Michaele

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