I’ve been thinking about cleansing for a long time.  Along with protection, it’s the aspect of spiritual work that is the most often neglected. And yet it can be the simplest.

The materials used for spiritual cleansing over the span of human history have been many and varied; hot and harsh materials like red pepper and sulfur; plants that raise welts on the skin; cooling and chilling fragrances like mint and pine; and, yes, minerals like selenite.  Now, I would never try to convince any body that this is a traditional conjure trick — but I was first told about selenite by a little old guy from New Orleans who knew what he was doing  (he was making and selling magic wands with lodestones in them when I met him).

So I bought a piece from him — raw, uncarved; it has a very interesting rectangular strandy habit — and it lay on my altar for ten years! until Miss Cat told me how much she loves it.  Only then did I try it on my ownself, and a wonderful, day-brightening, refreshing thing it is.

3 thoughts on “Trick of the Week: Selenite — not hoodoo, but wonderful just the same

  1. So, as someone who’s experiences with crystals basically starts and ends with collecting them I have to ask, how do you use the stuff?

  2. I use it to “brush” the psychic debris from my aura. I do this by sweeping a selenite wand about 2-3″ all around my body, from top to bottom, front, back and sides.

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