In this world of Internets and shopping malls and crash-n-burn celebrities, it can be hard, really hard, to get access to the spirit.  We remember the dribs and drabs of our high-school science and get snarled up in debates about whether this is real.

That’s why I appreciate the wisdom of John Michael Hilford, who, when he was teaching us to reach the spirits of our ancestors, began with “Let’s pretend….”

Now, when we were children, wasn’t pretend our deepest, most vivid pleasure?

And why did we do it?  To have big adventures; to make our lives bigger, to expand our territory. Even the little girl in her Disney princess garb is stretching her mind and her life — what fame, success, beauty and love might be like.  And if she is playing with her little plastic karaoke set, or putting on a backyard circus, she’s trying on skill and talent, too.

So let us inform our intuition and imagination and then use them — so that when success, love, mentors, and happiness approach, we will recognize, court andinvite them into our homes and our lives.

What truth will you pretend into existence today?

One thought on “Let’s Pretend

  1. Pretending I was “magical” was what got me into this in the first place; as a child I pretended I was a witch or magician and ground up rocks and plants into water and made “potions” under the porch of our house. I used old pieces of wood scavenged from construction sites and bottles to make my laboratory (that’s what my parents called it). And I’m grateful for my parents for giving me that space to pretend and play 🙂

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