Being raised an agnostic, in what I call the “Western Scientific Tradition,” I had the hardest time getting a grip on the very concepts of prayer and meditation. Even though I don’t “do 3-D” very well, I’m more effective with any spiritual discipline if I have something in my hands. Hence, eventually, the Crystal Silence League and this pretty little crystal ball.

I was dipping into the accompanying manual this morning, and found this sweet and liberating thought:

Understanding: You have enough to start. You need no more now. When more knowledge and understanding is required, it shall be given you. See, Spirit beacons shine to lead you on! Voices out of the night call to you. … Go forth and you shall understand. Step out and you shall have the power. … Your understanding of Intuition will develop in time.

While I’m saving my pennies for colored crystal balls, I improvise with colored water in this little vase. The crystal ball fits neatly into the top, as you can see.


When held at the right angle, the crystal radiates the color of the water beneath.

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