When I pray along with the Crystal Silence League, I do pray for specific individuals (their prayer requests are the slips of paper you see in this picture).  But the goodness over flows bountifully — to you.

So pick up your crystal ball!  Incoming!

I receive from the Cosmos, and send on to you, joy, tranquility, ease, peace, confidence, Christmas consciousness!

You look up from yesterday’s troubles and see the path to True Love House on Easy Street stretching before you; look down and see that your feet are already on it!  Take the next step!

The time for money worries is over! You are a miracle-magnet and a money-magnet; prosperity flows to you from all directions and stays with you. Everything you own now has a lifetime warranty signed by The Eternal. Mentors come to you to lead you by the hand, into the ways of thrift, security, abundance and generosity.

Spiritual protectors surround you: enemies of all kinds, whether in this world or any other, shy away from you. So crawl out from under the bed; come out of hiding; take dominion in your life, for John the Conqueror is your twin brother!


Crystal collection with latest additions
My "crystal set," newly expanded with a wonderful gift from Thomas Jenkins. The water in the little vase is purple, not black. The white bar is a piece of selenite, my favorite spiritual cleanser.


3 thoughts on “Today’s fistful of affirmative prayer

  1. Miracles in health, money and love. Is there an affirmation to make me favored over other and to move forward.

  2. Robin, if you move forward and are surrounded by mentors and allies as in the affirmation above, why not bring “the others” with you?

  3. Hi Miss Michaele,

    I enjoy reading your blogs and looking forward to reading more. I will be sure to keep in touch.



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