OK, theoretically, this will be the last Crystal Silence post for a while.

We begin with transparency, which I don’t count as a color, exactly, to focus, to find tranquility, and to open a peephole into the world of the spirit. There’s something about the subtle play of light in a clear glass ball that makes everything look kind of differently real.
We move on to black. Surprised? I learned in school, decades ago, that black soaks up all other colors of light and reflects none. I use it to soak up discouragement, fear, and all kinds of bad luck and negativity. I pour it all into the maw of the Great Hunger that eats all and transforms everything. Down it goes into the great compost heap that turns filth into golden fertility. Any lingering bad luck or meanness gets knocked from the black sphere into the bar of selenite, the long white crystal you see behind it.
Next, just because using black is a little nervous-making for some folks, we move on to blue – the dark, calm sky-full-of-stars blue of the old-time bottle trees that kept evils spirits away. The blue sphere pours serenity and security into your life.
Next, purple for mastery: I invite you (and myself!) to come out of hiding, to take dominion in your life; I invite warriors to protect you and mentors to lead you; I invite Jesus to walk at your right hand and John the Conqueror at your left!
Lastly, the fertile green glow of prosperity and healing of every kind. May your cup run over, and the divine goodness and mercy surround you every day of your life.

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