Today was a straight production day; everybody was put to work dressing up candles for spiritual work. Note, I say “dressing up,” not “dressing” — because we started several steps before anyone got to the oils and herbs. I didn’t actually get any more hands-on experience with dressing candles; instead I spent the entire day cutting labels and pasting them onto candles which would be either fixed (that is, dressed) or sold plain for folks to dress at home. I really ought to ask my new friend Michael, or my colleague Miss Tammie Lee, about their candle-dressing experiences today.

As usual, I made a few mistakes — smaller ones this time — like everybody else. Working at Lucky Mojo does keep you on your toes. There’s a great deal of hand work required to make all those beautiful products, and the standards are meticulous. The thing with meticulousness is that it’s difficult to know when to stop! I was actually surprised at first to hear Sister Robin say, “Don’t fret, my pet.”

I also got to talk to my new friend Joan Cox and hear her story about petting the cows at the dairy farm. (Apparently, cows aren’t really into that kind of thing.)

Now I’m going to go crash for a little while before I pray over lamps my husband is lighting 80 miles away tonight.

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