Well, so my computer fan started this alarming rattle a few weeks ago. So my darling husband tracked down a replacement part at a decent price. (Note: it was not available through the company that made my computer!)

So then we get an email saying “sorry, sold out.” So I found and ordered one from elsewhere. And found, after my husband tried to install it, that I got the part number wrong. And the company has an atrocious returns policy.

We’re just lucky that we have an old desktop machine lying around. I just need the tower. And maybe we can Bambi-eye the company into taking their fan back. Maybe we’ll buy the fan elsewhere: there are still some out there at attractive prices.

Oh, and meanwhile, my MP3 Skype Recorder — the software that allows you to have an audio copy of your reading with me — had gone catatonic. I really didn’t mean to spend any time this morning fixing that; I was going to concentrate on emails from y’all. But I fixed it. Firewall issue. Only took five minutes once I knew that.

Anyway, that explains why I haven’t been spending much time on Hoodoo Psychics — or making much noise online at all.  I hope to get that fixed real, real soon.  In the meantime, the biggest inconvenience is I have to turn my computer off every few hours. It cools down pretty quickly, but it makes a shift at Hoodoo Psychics somewhat awkward.

However, I’m still available for readings, phone or email, every day but Thursdays and Fridays. No reason you shouldn’t call or email, so we can figure out how to bring your life nearer to your heart’s desire.

(But I hate equipment-wrangling, housework and admin. Can you tell?)

2 thoughts on “Drama, thy name is Computer.

  1. Mercury is rolling in laughter at your computer drama. That soon to be retro planet was doing the same to me yesterday.Curses that drat planet and its shadow! I feel for you.

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