King Solomon (Wikipedia)
A Russian icon of King Solomon.

If you read the Lucky Mojo Forum at all, you’ll know I tell people to add King Solomon Wisdom to almost everything.  Its traditional uses, of course, are for school success and other brain work — but don’t you need wisdom all the time?

Someone expressed surprise that I routinely recommend it for love work. Well, people do stupid things for love, whether it’s inexperience or naivete or just picking the wrong partner in the first place. You can just mix it into whatever other spiritual supplies you are using — Love Me, Reconciliation, or whatever. It has a mild, refreshing fragrance that hasn’t clashed with anything else I’ve tried.

Now, a few more “off-label” ways to use King Solomon Wisdom spiritual supplies. In each of these simple spells, King Solomon Wisdom is a team player.

To Cause an Abusive Person’s Friends and Family to Separate from Him

Use this on someone who is abusing or manipulating his family, workmates and/or friends — especially if they make excuses for him, cover for him, and generally allow him to walk all over them.

If you decide you do want his associates to be horrified by his behavior and fuss and fight with him, try a simple moving candle spell — one candle for the put-upon ones and another for Mr. Jerk; dress theirs with King Solomon Wisdom and his with Hot Foot or Run Devil Run.

Start with the two candles close together — even touching. Over the course of seven days, gradually move them apart. For spells like this, I like to place Mr. Jerk’s candle in such a way that on Day 7, it’s on the edge of the table, so I can knock it into a wastebasket after it goes out.

To Make and Act on Wise Decisions

The trouble with insight is there’s nothing about an earth-shaking revelation that prevents you from just going back to bed with a bag of Doritos and a Playstation. (People still use Playstations, right?) If you take baths with both Power and King Solomon Wisdom bath crystals, though, you’ll be able to act on your new insights.

To Correctly Interpret Dreams

Make a mojo bag with Star Anise (for psychic perception), Angelica (angelic protection), and Poppy Flowers (true and lucky dreams) and a little snip of your hair. Feed it once a week with King Solomon Wisdom Oil. It lives in your pillowcase, so it’s under your head as you sleep.

These are just a few new uses for King Solomon Wisdom. I’m sure there are many more just waiting to be discovered.