Someone just asked me, “I have a whole block of sulfur. What can I do with it?” So I went looking for some old-time tricks, because I like to take a running jump at conjure work whenever I get the chance.
  • You can get rid of a debt by going to a road with a fork in it. write your name on one branch of the fork and the name of the person you owe money to on the other branch. Then gather a little bit of dirt from each branch of the road and take it home. on a hard surface, burn some sulphur, and sprinkle the dirt that you gathered over the burning sulphur.
  • To keep the law away, quarter a red onion. Put sugar and sulphur onto these quarters and bury below your doorsteps.
  • You can keep specific enemies — or anybody! — from opposing you like so:Write their names in a spiral. Place this paper underneath nine gold-eye needles, some sulphur, some gunpowder, and some red pepper. Place a candle atop this combination and burn it all the way down.

(You can still get gold-eye needles — Clover Gold Eye Quilting Needles is one brand.)

Here’s a devious one for vengeance:
  • When you move out of a place, sprinkle sulphur and a box of lye all over the house and burn sulphur and oil of lodestone. Close the windows up. The house won’t be rented within six months.

Harry Hyatt collected this one on his first trip to New Orleans, from an informant known only as “The Boy-Girl,” grandson of Madame Joseph.

Now, this does look a little confusing at first glance: Lodestone Oil and sulphur and lye? Is this an attraction or a repulsion spell? It’s an attraction jinx, that’s what it is.

From “the wife of a hoodoo doctor,” he collected another sulphur spell to have the opposite effect:

  • Place sulphur on tin lids, set in the four corners of the room, and burn it. Read Psalm 52, Psalm 23, and Psalm 5. Ask for your goals to be accomplished. get down on your knees and pray, holding your hands towards the sun. Ask for that house to be rented out, and you will get your wish.

I don’t think I’d want to be in the room trying to pray while the sulphur was burning, though. Maybe right afterwards, after airing the place out.


An experienced conjure, Lee Canipe, offers these two simple, classic tricks:

“Here’s something for uncrossing I learned from a man in my community. Take a fist full of sulphur in each hand. Facing the East, start at the top of your head and rub your closed fists downward while praying to the Lord to remove any witchcraft or evil condition on you. When you have rubbed all the way down to your feet, bring your fists up in an X across your chest (right fist over left shoulder, left fist over right shoulder) spin around quickly to face the West and say “In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost!” and throw your arms straight out releasing the sulphur.

“Somewhere in the Hyatt material there is the case of a man who’s being worked on by a girl and he’s taken to Kinston, NC (my hometown) where a rootworker dusts his clothes with sulphur to kill the trick. I wish I could remember exactly which volume it was in and the number.”

Further reading:

Harry Middleton Hyatt’s Informants

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8 thoughts on ““What can I do with sulphur?”

    1. I haven’t been out of California since I was a child, so I couldn’t tell you. You’d have to ask Lee Canipe, who comes from there.

    1. A forked road is one that splits into two (or more) roads. Each of these split-off roads I call a “branch.” You write your name on one of those roads and the name of the person you owe money to on the other. Pick up a little of the dirt from each of those roads and take it home to finish the spell.

      1. but I owe more than one debt they are trying to take all the little money I have . I needed the credit card because I didn’t have enough money to live out of. and now they are after me.

        1. Jeanette, you can do the spell again – once for each person you owe money to. And see a credit counselor too — they’ll give you advice and connect you with helpers and resources you might not know about.

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