Folks, when you click on our “Book a reading” button, the whole process is automated — you end up clicking a “Pay Now” button at PayPal.

Some folks still prefer to schedule by phone, which is all right by me.  I put you on the calendar myself, and you get a confirmation email from and a money request from PayPal.

Today a client alerted me to a little snarl in the PayPal request:

no pay now button

The “Pay Now” button was nowhere to be seen, and who’s gonna sort through all that text sprinkled randomly over all that white space?  Well. She did figure it out (red oval)…

Click — and the “Pay Now” button miraculously appears!

pay now button appears

Then you get to see the invoice itself.

When you click the "Pay Now" button, you will be whisked to the PayPal site.

Click “Continue.” Then…




Once you’ve chosen your payment method, you see this:

Once you complete your payment, you det a head-pat from PayPal.

Now all you have to do is call me at your appointment time.

But it isn’t any harder to schedule it yourself 🙂