I’ve had a bunch of clients ask me for help when they are stuck, just can’t break free, or good luck just runs away from them.

Lately I’ve been offering to burn a Cut and Clear candle on their troubles, and there are many simple, fine old-fashioned tricks you can do with, say, a handful of sulphur — but I thought of this.


You’ll need a couple of things from the grocery store:

  • a raw egg in the shell
  • some big fresh chili peppers like the ones in the picture (not bell peppers; you want that heat)
  • Black mustard seed, cayenne pepper, black peppercorns, vinegar, hot sauce or Chinese chili oil — and/or other hot, sharp or nasty things
  • a spool of black thread or a skein of black yarn
  • a knife or pair of scissors

Write down all the mean things your enemies have said and done, all the obstacles that have blocked or wearied you, all the failures you’ve experienced (even if they have nothing to do with your enemies; but especially if they do).

Then take the egg and write your name on it.

Pass it over your body, front and back, from head to foot, so it’ll take up all your bad luck. Talk to the egg, saying, “Little egg, I baptize you; I give you my name.” Draw a cross in the air over it.

Next, write under your name, “As my enemies see me,” so that the writing on the shell reads like this:



Now tell the egg, “I give you my bad luck and misfortune, all my troubles, my place in the garbage dump of life, my place at the bottom rung of life’s ladder.” Draw another cross over the egg.

Now say, “I give you my enemies, great and small, known and unknown.” Wrap it in the paper and draw a final cross over the egg.

Cut the chili pepper open and slide the egg in there with the black mustard seed, and all the hot-and-nasty things you collected. Raise it high in the air, and say: “All my enemies, great and small” — and you may take the time to list as many as you can remember — “known, unknown, or forgotten, THIS IS ME. THIS IS THE SUFFERING AND TROUBLE you have inflicted on me. Your eyes will never leave it.”

Wrap it around and around with black thread. Use the whole spool.

With the knife or scissors, make cuts in the air all around it, being especially thorough in the air between you and the thread-wrapped egg-in-pepper.  Tell the egg, “It’s your place to attract the jealousy and wrath, it’s your place to do all the suffering.”

Drop the egg into a paper bag and bury the whole assemblage someplace away from your house, off the property.

Over time, the egg will rot, and so will the pepper, making a nasty mess of rotten proteins and capsaicin and ick.  But it’ll all be underground, where you’ll never have to think about it. And the mold, bugs and worms will eat it and transform it into lovely flowers, eventually.

Good luck!

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