A couple of years ago, I ran across a question from a lady who was trying to support a friend in staying sober. He’d managed to stay clean for two years, but now the challenges were setting in: he had to work with a woman who was trying to get him back into drug use.

The obvious solution might be a vinegar jar — put them both into a jar of vinegar, pins and needles, chili peppers, and other uncomfortable things, to make them fight. But she figured his life was harsh enough already.

pill bottle
You can send someone out of your life with an ordinary object such as this.

Another approach — and no more difficult — would be to wash the temptress out of her brother’s life. Put her personal concerns, foot track or picture into a little bottle or box, and throw her in the river to be washed out of his life. Or she could be taken to a distant crossroads and left there — I’d favor a road crossed by a train track.

Meanwhile, the recovering addict needs protection and support in his sobriety. This is why Cast Off Evil products are made.

Aside from setting lights and putting Cast Off Evil bath crystals in his laundry rinse, the following discreet work could be done:

  • Dress the passenger seat of the car with Cast Off Evil and offer to pick him up for a nice meal or some other outing.
  • His friend could visit him at home — first putting some Cast Off Evil oil on her shoes and tracking it into his house.
  • During that visit, she could watch for opportunities to dress his phone and computer, the insides of his shoes and his grooming products.
  • She could also dress any gifts she gives him with Cast Off Evil.
  • And if she ever has any reason to give him money, she could dress that too!

This work can also be reinforced with Banishing or Separation products on any other bad actors in his life.  These formulas could be deployed by the same methods.

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