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Simple ingredients for this spell. No further pictures because the writing didn’t show. Was delicious and effective, but much easier as described in the text

I’ve been telling my love clients, when they realize it’s time to break up with Mr. Wrong, to use a variation on Song of Solomon 4:7, “ Thou art all fair, my love; there is no spot in thee.”

I tell them to change out the pronouns — “I am all fair; there is no spot in me,” while eating something sweet.

Last night I realized the same technique is endlessly variable and just as useful for self-love, too.

So today I sliced up this peach, and on each slice I wrote some good quality: one that I have, or one that trusted people have told me I have, or one I wish I had.

I tried to write them in red food coloring, but it’s awfully hard to write in liquid ink on a wet and yielding surface. So I just gouged “JOYFUL,” “BRAVE,” “COMPASSIONATE,” etc., into the flesh, and hoped they’d be legible. That didn’t work so well; so when you do this spell, get some Oreo-type cookies and “unscrew” them, and write your good qualities in the filling with a toothpick or the tine of a fork or something.

Then, take the plate of delicacies to your altar, or the place where you meet and greet beloved relatives who have passed on.  You can take this to the cemetery for a little spiritual tea party if you like, or the place in your house where your relatives’ photos are displayed.  The point is that you need to share the sweetness with your spiritual friends and allies. Invite them to come and share with you.

Eat the tidbits one by one, reading the words aloud. Talk and listen as appropriate. Take your plate to the kitchen with a light and merry heart.

Repeat as necessary.


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