Drawing luck to yourself when you’ve hit a bad patch isn’t any more “unnatural” than heating your house in the winter.     – Mountain Ash

For thousands of years, spiritual workers have been called upon to protect their town or their tribe from natural disaster, famine, unfriendly spirits and hostile magic. That work is still possible.

Magical protection is still a common feature of everyday life. The red thread around Madonna’s wrist; the utterance of “Bless you!” or “Gesundheit!” when someone sneezes; even politely turning away a compliment – these are all efforts to protect oneself on the spiritual level.
Hoodoo has a large repetoire of “tricks” to protect against violence, injustice in court, and many other threats both “ordinary” and spiritual.

The first step in changing your luck is cleansing. Just because your luck has been bad, that does not mean you are under a curse. A long stretch of bad luck can produce a “yellow waxy buildup” of disappointment, pessimism, learned helplessness and “what’s-the-use” thinking. This must be cleared away if your luck is to change. There are many ways to spiritually cleanse your house or yourself. One of the easiest is to sprinkle salt and pepper on all your floors and sweep out your house. Start on the top floor at the back of the house, and work down to the front door.

Often nothing more than cleansing is required to change your luck.

In tougher cases, uncrossing may be required. There is a certain amount of overlap between cleansing and uncrossing, but uncrossing is a more focussed effort. Uncrossing is mostly jinx-breaking. However, uncrossing techniques have also been used for “heavy-duty cleansing”, as well as the breaking of jinxes and deliberate curses.

Once your house and self are clean of past bad luck or unhappiness, you must protect yourself. There is a vast library of methods for doing this, depending on your needs, preferences, personality, and the likely source of future troubles.

On top of that, you may wish to do some work to actively bring in good luck, i.e., for love, prosperity, or just general Coincidence Management ™.

We are not talking about a magic lamp with a genie in it – although you might very well end up with a talisman that needs rubbing from time to time. But when Coincidence Management™ comes into play, it usually looks completely natural. The job offer that comes just in time, or the lover that you meet the week after you light that candle, have been wending their way to you for years, without any deliberation at all.

Would they have come to you anyway? Perhaps not. That is why Coincidence needs Management.