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One time the Philistines conquered Israel in battle and stole the Ark of the Covenant, thinking they had all of Israel’s spiritual power. Well, they certainly had SOMETHING. The whole story is in 1 Samuel 4 and 5:  When the Philistines, God’s enemies, took the Ark away from Israel, IT TURNED ON THEM. That focus of God’s power was BOOBY-TRAPPED.

So here’s a spiritual booby-trap for those who have the gift of prayer:

  1. Get yourself a model Ark of the Covenant, made from something durable. You can get several models from Amazon (see below)

    But for now, you can start with a picture — photocopy it from a book or print it off the Internet.

  2. Now get some dirt from your yard and put it in the Ark.  Also, put a lock of everybody’s hair in that Ark, and their foot tracks, however you want to collect them.  If you’re using a picture, make a little flat packet of these items to tuck behind the picture, between it and backing on the frame.
  3. Next, you’ll have to pray over it, fervently, for a good long time — all day if you can. Things like this:

    “You’re going to protect my house and yard, and all those within, while you are here; but if my enemies (and SAY THEIR NAMES) take you from me, you’re going to bring the pains of hell on them. When they take my tracks to work on, or throw any evil mess in my yard, or bring any evil into my house, or take you from me, bounce their evil back on them like a mirror.”

    You can alternate with Psalms, hymns, anything you like on the theme of protection and sending back evil.

  4. Take the Ark and walk all the way around your house, still praying and/or singing, seven times — like when the priests destroyed the walls of Jericho.    Get some songs of victory in there — hymns or secular, whatever is a power song for you!
  5. Close up the Ark and display it proudly as close as possible to the center of your house.

As far as anyone else knows, that Ark is a sign of your faith and your love for God.  If it occurs to your enemy that it might be a power object and they take it from you — well, they’ve brought God’s vengeance into their own house, that’s all.

2 thoughts on “Booby-Trap Your House Against Evil Rootwork

  1. I Have Landlords that mean me and my family harm by the living conditions we are in which are unbearable. They keep coming Harrassing me and my family with hateful threats and legal threats . Your website did help me. I am going forth with the advice that was given by this website.

    1. Dennise, that’s wonderful to hear. Congratulations, and I wish you success against your unrighteous landlords!

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