Folks, I just cleared up a little confusion about my shiny new booking system. You may have noticed that there’s no apparent way to pay for your appointment on my booking page.

Well, you’re right. The “Pay Now” link doesn’t appear on the booking page at all. You won’t see one until you have made your appointment — and then it appears in your confirmation email!

Here’s the scheduling process, in a nutshell:

  • Choose a service; then choose a time and date.
  • Fill out your demographic info. (You won’t have to do this next time!)
  • Click the “Confirm booking” button.
  • You’ll be prompted to check your email for a confirmation notice.
  • That’s where you’ll find the “Pay Now” button…
  • …Which will take you to PayPal. You no longer need a PayPal account to use their services.


And now, start to finish, with pictures:

First, select an item from our booking page >>

Select your preferred available time and date.

Fill in your name, email, address and phone number. (You only have to do this once!) Click “Next.”

Check to make sure everything is correct. You can change any mistakes, pick a new appointment time, or even schedule more bookings.

Click “Confirm your booking!”


If you don’t fill the check box you will get this notice

The “Schedule a Reading” page will refresh, confirming your request, and give you notice to check your e-mail account.

Check your email for a confirmation message that looks like this:
(click the image to see bigger)

Click the “Pay Now” button in that e-mail. That will bring you back to our scheduling page, which will now look like this:

(click the image to see bigger)

Click “Pay Now and confirm your booking!”
Which will take you to a PayPal page:

or PayPal can process your Credit Card or secure Debit Card:

Last, and most important: don’t forget to call Miss Michaele at your appointment time!