“Miracles occur as expressions of love.” – Marianne Williamson

Love spells can:

  • Attract a new lover who will treat you right.
  • Keep a lover or spouse close to you.
  • Bring peace to your home.
  • Be done openly and together to keep a marriage strong.

    Love spells can’t completely take over someone’s will or make him a mindless slave.

    A love spell acts like a pheromone; it acts on the subconscious, or as I prefer
    to think of it, on a level below the subconscious.

    The target of a love spell has several courses of action open to him. He can:

  • Evade attempts to lay the spell by refusing “fixed” food, drink
    or gifts, watching where he walks, etc.
  • Protect himself by pre-emptive magic.
  • Resist by sheer force of will, or by his own spiritual power.
  • Break the spell by spiritually cleansing his environment.
  • Relax and enjoy himself!

    Of course, the last-named result – joyful surrender – is what you want
    to achieve.

    How many soul mates do you have, anyway?

    Someone who is willing to consider a love spell has already asked herself the question, “Is there someone out there for me?”

    I firmly believe the answer is Yes.

    Look, if a soul mate is literally “one in a million” and there are six billion (six thousand million) people in the world – well, all right, so half of them are the wrong sex; as many as ninety percent of those may be of the wrong sexual orientation; others are married or already taken… but still, that leaves many, many thousands who could be called to you from all over the world by the delicious powers of Coincidence Management™!

    And even if this love does not last, the whole process can be instructive. Perhaps the lover you found had one solitary flaw that was too great to bear. You can learn from that experience, to address the power of the Cosmos, “Send me another just like the one who got away, only not neglectful (or alcoholic, jealous, or whatever the unbearable flaw was).”

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  1. You might need anything from a few candles to a break up spell and a Nation Sack. I don’t want to just throw spells at random, so let’s schedule a reading soon. Click the big “Book a Reading” button on the main page.

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