Miss Michaele’s Favorite Spells

These are the spells I most often recommend to my clients. I often invent new ones based on time-tested magical principles — so bookmark this page!


Take a spiritual bath.

Wear a Seal

Individual seals, or the complete set, are available from many occult shops on the Internet and the 3-D world.

If you have a copy of the 6th and 7th Books of Moses, you will find a wide selection of old magical seals, with their traditional uses described. Elaborate rituals are prescribed, but they are still effective when used very simply — as the background for a written petition under a candle, or behind a picture, or worn on your person.

This, for instance, is the seal of Mars. Wear it on your person to keep peace in all your relationships — to prevent quarrels and end outside interference.

You will find two valuable collections here:

  • 6th and 7th Books of Moses:
    •  http://www.sacred-texts.com/grim/moses6/index.htm
    • http://www.sacred-texts.com/grim/moses7/index.ht
  • Clavicula Salomonis
    • http://www.esotericarchives.com/solomon/ksol.htm

These texts also contain the ceremonial magical rituals (often very elaborate) which grew up around the use of these seals. I’ve never heard of modern hoodoo workers doing them, but many of us do use the seals as amulets and prayer/petition papers, a straightforward and very effective way to work.

 The “candle on the ceiling”:

If you don’t have enough room or privacy to burn candles, you can dress your light fixtures instead. Write your petitions on paper or even on a plate with water-soluble ink or food coloring. Rinse the plate into a dishpan , stoppered sink or mop bucket so the petition comes off into the water. Then wash all the light fixtures in your house.

Cloth or paper lampshades can be treated by using condition powders mixed with cornstarch, which you spread on a plate or cookie sheet. Write your petition with the point of a knife, pencil, or similar. Use the powder to dust cloth and paper lampshades.

A much simpler, old-school way to do this is to draw a magical symbol with condition oil right onto a lightbulb. These can be as simple as a heart or cross. Over time, though, these might become visible on the bulb as the heat “cooks” and dries the oil. Washing the light fixtures like this takes more work but it is more subtle.

Magic in your housework

You can dose your cleaning, laundry and grooming supplies so that you or anyone who does any housework or even washes their hair is fixing themselves to carry out your desire. They can step into Peaceful Home as they enter the house, wash their hair with Love Me, and put on King Solomon Wisdom with their clothing — or any combination you need to use.  Just remember to match textures:

  • Oil with oil-based products
  • Dissolved bath crystals with water-based products
  • Dry bath crystals, right out of the packet, for washing powders and powdered detergents
  • Incense can be repackage and explained as a “room freshener” or meditation aid for other spiritual traditions that use incense.

Mystical, Magical Food

You can also use “liquid prayers” — writing a prayer and rinsing it off — while you cook for someone. Write your petitions or an appropriate Bible verse (or both!) on paper or even on a plate with water-soluble ink or food coloring, or some of the liquid used in the recipe. With the rest of the milk, juice or whatever, rinse the plate into your pan or mixing bowl. Proceed with your recipe.

When There’s No Candle Shop in Town

For future reference, try this trick when you need a magical bath blend in a hurry: go to the herbal tea aisle at the health food store. Open your web browser on your phone to herbmagic.com and start reading the ingredient lists on the tea boxes.


Rev. Mark Belletini’s blessing.

Use this prayer for strength and serenity.

Self-confidence – a sweet and simple spell 

Begin the healing process with something delicious.


Camphor, dime and candle

Cleanse your home and protect it against spiritual attack by placing  a piece of camphor ona Mercury dime in each corner of the room. Light a white candle in the center of each room while praying. (A small candle, even a tea light, will do the job).  Repeat for each room of your house.

This spell dates from the age when the Mercury dime was the standard U.S. ten-cent piece. Now they cost $8 each or more. Multiply by 4, times the number of rooms in your house … <boggle> You can do this work more thriftily by using protective seals in place of the dimes.

Shut down the Jinx-O-Matic!

Turn curses into blessings.

Tibetan Ghost Purging Incense

This is one of the most powerful uncrossing-type incenses I know of. Buddhist nuns pray over every batch for 49 days!  It’s used not only to banish evil spirits and break up curses, but it’s also effective in banishing the “yellow waxy buildup” of a long period of disappointment and bad luck.  You can get it from Lucky Mojo or from Flying Mystics. It comes in a big blue and white foil packet which lasts for months.

Calming Your Enemy Shoe Spell

(Another fine old spell collected by Rev. Harry Middleton Hyatt. I first ran across it on the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour, 8/10/14):

On a piece of paper, write out the names of the 12 Apostles. Below their names, write Matthew 5:44: “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you”. Below that, write name of your enemy.

Fold up the paper and place it in your shoe while reciting Ps. 34:14: “Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it.” Step firmly into your shoe while calling on the Father, Son & Holy Ghost. “That will conquer them under the teachings of Jesus Christ and bring them down easy, back to you,” the Professor says. You’re stepping on their heads, but bringing them under the control of the Lord.

Write on a bay leaf

On a bay leaf, draw a closed eye and write “Hide me from my enemies”; on the other side, draw an open eye with a heart for the iris and a dollar sign for the pupil and write “Friends find me”. If money is not part of your concerns, replace the dollar sign with a smaller heart. Wear it in your shoe and replace it when it wears out.

You can put it in your wallet to guard your money; you can lay one in each corner of your altar space to keep enemies’ attention away; you can even boil them in water to use in bathing, fixing your laundry, or scrubbing your floors.

You can cook with bay leaves you have written on, too — put that prayer right in your family’s food! You don’t even need regular ink; use another liquid ingredient from your recipe, as in “Mystical, Magical Food,” above.

ABRACADABRA is a real, ancient word of power

You may be most familiar with this word as an incantation in stage magic, uttered when things are made to disappear; or from its use in the Harry Potter books, as “Avra Kedavra,” a “killing curse.”

The word is an ancient one and was used in amulets and charms to make things disappear; in ancient times, mostly disease. Instructions for its use go back to Quintus Serenus Sammonicus’ Liber Medicinalis, back in the third century. Sammonicus explains:

“Write several times on a piece of paper the word ‘Abracadabra,’ and repeat the word in the lines below, but take away letters from the complete word and let the letters fall away one at a time in each succeeding line. Take these away ever, but keep the rest until the writing is reduced to a narrow cone. Remember to tie these papers with flax and bind them round the neck.”

The writing looks like this:


or you could do it from the other end:


Nowadays, many find this kind of written vanishing charm is also effective with statements in ordinary language. Try, for instance,





Build a lodestone altar for prosperity

(You will also find instructions for Money Stay With Me work on the same page.)

Fall in love with learning

… and succeed in school.

The fragrance of peace

Start carrying a small spray bottle filled with Peace Water and Boss Fix oil. Spray in the bathroom at work. It has a fresh, clean fragrance like the nicer cleaning compounds, so no one will suspect anything — and everyone will be influenced.



Cut and Clear work

Fall out of love with the unworthy.

The beauty of the Cut and Clear spell on this page (not the black walnut bath; the one with the candles) is that you end up with a piece of wax from a white candle, a list of good qualities, and a handful of flowers — a wonderful beginning for a love mojo. To these you can add appropriate herbs, and a further protective charm — a silver dime or small hamsa hand, for instance. You can also add a petition — no, a command — for the good, honest Golden Rule man who is looking for someone just like you to come to you.

Draw new friends with a lodestone


Raise them up

If your ancestors are troubled or demanding, get a stepladder, the ancestor’s picture, and a glass of water. Set up the stepladder where it won’t be disturbed. Place the picture and water glass on the floor and pray for your ancestor. On the second day, move your ancestor’s picture and the water glass onto the first step of the ladder and pray. Repeat every day until, on the seventh day, you’re placing their picture on top of the ladder.

On the following day, your ancestor should be ready to take their place among your other family members who have passed; place that picture with your other relatives who have passed.

Build your own Ancestor Altar


Mail your enemy to Paris – or to Hell

Some folks, when they have a dangerous and persistent enemy, need to take them to the graveyard, either to dig a grave of their own or hand them over to a helpful spirit who will keep the enemy down.

Others, who are uncomfortable with graveyard work, like to mail their enemy to Paris. (I believe it’s based on the old saying, “When a Creole dies, he goes to Paris” — rather than to heaven.)

You can get Google Maps to show you a map of Paris post offices complete with addresses and local zip codes. There are even web pages which tell you exactly how to mail a package to Paris from another country. I like to address my mirror boxes with the target’s name, c/o General Delivery. General Delivery is for when you know the addressee will be in town soon, but you don’t know where, so he or she can go to the post office and pick it up.

Assuming, of course, that he will be in Paris any time soon. Or knows there’s a package waiting at any one of a number of Paris post offices….

Google Maps will also show you towns called “Hell” in Michigan California, and Norway, if you like that better.

Important update: I have actually had such packages returned to me, precisely what I did not want! These were doll babies, which required mailing in boxes. This required filling out a customs form and giving my actual return address and right name.

Better to make a flat paper doll baby which can be mailed like a letter. Use a false address — a false name, another town, no street.

Do not, of course, insure or track that letter. Losing it is the whole point.


Bay Leaf and Solomon’s Seal root is one of my favorite magical herb combinations. These are both wisdom hervs. Solomon’s Seal is also used as a healer, and Bay Leaf also protects you and keeps your enemies from noticing you. Add small pieces of these two herbs to any spiritual work to increase discernment and shield yourself.

Boss Fix and Peace Water is a classic combination for peaceful relations and respect in the workplace, both from your coworkers and your supervisors. Carry this combination in a small spray bottle to use in the bathroom — or track it in on your shoes.

Five-Finger Grass is wonderful whenever you need to impress someone with your ability — or even to become more skilled at music, gambling, or any kind of craftsmanship. I love to add it to job-getting work. Use it from the first interview to the day you retire!

For financial settlements in divorce, injury, or Workers’ Compensation cases: add Pay Me supplies to your Court Case work. My colleagues, Miss Robin, even uses it in gambling spells.

Road Opener is a classic when the way is blocked — but when you need to “make a way where there is no way,” use Block Buster.



Find out what social services are available in your area.

The Golden Retriever of Love

How to dealing with disappointment in love, when magical work fails or is not recommended.

Start reading Doctor NerdLove

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This site is oriented toward men trying to succeed with women. If you are a woman who wants to attract men, this will show them — and you — the commonest mistakes men make, why they do that, and how their thinking needs to change.

Also, Captain Awkward

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