All services include instructions for the client to carry
out at home. Remember, conjure and client work together.

Instructions will be confirmed in a follow-up email for your convenience.

An emergency spell you can do while you wait for help
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Every job begins with Consultation & Divination
Naturally, in spiritual work as in most other kinds of work, “one size does not fit all.” Someone who needs peace in the home needs an entirely different kind of work from someone who wants to attract a new lover. Someone who needs to keep hold of money needs a different kind of work from someone who needs a new job.The use of Tarot, Bible and crystal ball helps me to design the work to suit your personality, circumstances, and needs. We’ll also need to consider more “mundane” things – allergies, fragrance preferences, whether or not you tend to lose things – all factors which will influence the shape of the work.In addition, there will be other, material factors to consider beyond the work I do for you: Should you go back to school? Move to a different neighborhood? Look for a different kind of partner or lover? How will achieving your desire affect the people around you?
Problems with “Bring back my man” work
People often leave reconciliation work until very late; until after the relationship has broken up. This is the most difficult kind of reconciliation work; the failure rate is very high. But I thoroughly understand why one would want to make such a last-ditch attempt. Sometimes it is not really possible to accept the end of a relationship until everything has been tried.This is why I am willing to attempt reconciliation work –even if the chance of success is very low. In the process of the work, you may be able to find peace and happiness on different terms. All other circumstances being favorable, I am willing to accompany you on this journey for a specified period of time.
Mojo bags, mojo hands, tobies
Mojo BagIf you’ve ever seen someone carry a little red bag tied shut with string, and be very evasive about what’s in it or what it’s for – that’s a mojo bag, also called a mojo hand or a toby. It is a kind of charm, originating in Africa, which contains an assemblage of things which work together to obtain the desired result. A mojo hand, once it has been made, prayed over, tied shut, and fed, is a live spiritual being. Once you receive your mojo hand – ifit turns out that you need one – please remember:

  • A mojo is a live spiritual being, ready to help you. The bag you see is just the visible, tangible nucleus of its self.
  • Do not open it. You wouldn’t like to have passers-by do surgery on you to get to know you better, would you?
  • Feed it regularly. A tiny bit of the oil that comes with it, and maybe whiskey or tobacco smoke on occasion, is all it needs. You work better, too, when you’re well fed.


Doll Babies
This is the old, down-home name for what Hollywood (and other “outsiders”) call the “Voodoo doll.” It can be used to bless, protect, cleanse or heal as well as to curse. Basically, it is a double for the person being worked on. I make mine with red flannel usually, but for people who would like spiritual baths done at a distance, I can buy a waterproof doll to stand in for you or a loved one.


One of the oldest ways to dress a candle is to roll it in melted wax sprinkled with herbs, as you see here. Although such tapers can be prepared for any condition, my most powerful ones are for prosperity, love, and blessing work of all kinds.
Herbal Blends for Spiritual Baths
Spiritual baths are an ancient tradition the world over. I blend herbs whose traditional attributes are suited to your condition. Each blend is customized for you.
Altar work
Before I begin my day’s readings, I devote some time to tending to the honey jars, candles, and other projects on my altar. This is a time of prayer, meditation and divination.Prayer is also involved in the making of mojo hands and doll babies.
For that matter, everything in hoodoo amounts to three-dimensional prayer.
These can get quite elaborate: multiple candles, a week or more of nightly prayers, materials difficult to find. A gifted, ambitious, confident and well-informed person can do this for herself.
Or you might like to have some help. It all boils down to three factors: skill, scale, and support. You can certainly rely on yourself – but you don’t have to.