Using our Online Calendar

The easiest way to schedule a reading is by clicking here:

Schedule a Reading

You will be able to pay and schedule at the same time.

Our scheduling application allows us to accept PayPal and many major credit cards — which means you should be able to use your debit card.

Other Ways to Pay

If PayPal and credit cards (or debit-card-with-Visa/Mastercard-sticker) don’t work for you, you can prepay for a reading via Western Union or postal money order. You’ll need to send us an email requesting a “Prepaid Reading” code before you schedule.

After Your Reading

All reading services include instructions for the client to carry out at home. Remember, conjure and client work together. Instructions, and the results of readings, will be confirmed in a follow-up email for your convenience.

When you order a candle, you will receive a start photo as soon as the candle is lit — and another photo with interpretation when the candle has finished burning.

Using the PayPal Menu

We’re in transition with the PayPal menu below. Though you can still use it to pay for readings, you’ll have less trouble if you use it just for email readings and candles.

Readings and Candles

Please feel free to compare these flat rates to psychic hotlines: you will save at least fifty percent.

For mojo bags, herbal bath blends, custom-dressed candles, and other materials to use at home, please contact Miss Michaele.

If you are having a light (candle) set, after you have sent payment return to this page and fill out the form below with your petition.