An emergency spell you can do while you wait for help

  • Take a piece of paper. Draw a picture of the people you’re working for (or working on!). If you’re working to get someone’s love, or to protect your family, or to heal a friend – draw them. If you need money for yourself, you can use a dollar bill, or dollar signs around a picture of yourself. It doesn’t matter if you can’t draw. It’s the act that’s important.
  • Now simply write a brief statement of your needs on the back of the picture and sign it with your full name.
  • Take a candle, just any kind you happen to have. With the tip of a steak knife or some other pointy object, carve your name on it, and/or the names of the people you drew pictures of.
  • Rub it with any oil you have in the house – even plain old generic cooking oil will do the job. Pray while you do so. The words don’t matter much, just so your prayer is intense and honest.
  • Now rub it with a drop or two of your urine – that is the most effective way of marking this work as yours. If you are too shy to use urine, use a drop of your favorite perfume – or simply lick the candle all over.
  • Treat the paper the same way. You don’t have to make it very oily or damp.
  • Place the paper under the candle(holder!) and light it in a place where the air is still and nothing will catch fire. If you are very worried about fire safety, place the candle in a sink or bathtub or even on a stovetop. A cake pan filled with sand or salt is also a good place.

You can “read” both the smoke and the wax. Lots of smoke and soot means there is resistance to your work. A lot of wax dripping down the side of the candle – a “trail of tears” – down the side of the candle means more unhappiness before the work is finished. If the wax pools at the bottom of the candle, look at the shapes. A heart is a good sign if you’re looking for love. Wax flowing toward the house of the person you want to effect is a good sign. Round coin shapes are good if you’re looking for wealth.

A clear, steady flame that burns the candle up with very little left over – that’s about the best sign you could have. If the candle burns a little faster than normal for its size, so much the better.

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