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Left, a satisfied customer and online friend; right, Miss Michaele

Thank you Miss Michaele! I just wanted to let you know that the hearing went well on Tuesday and we got everything we wanted granted. Deadbeat didn’t show! Thank you for all your help.

— A mother in the American Southwest

Your first reading for me was the most honest and helpful I have ever had!

— A teacher on the U.S. East Coast

I’ve never gotten a reading that was so organized. I love the fact that you record it and make it available and send the notes. I don’t think that nobody else does that. It’s sooo beneficial because when someone is talking to u about something sooooo heartfelt and near and dear to you sometimes it’s impossible to actually hear and absorb what’s being said because of all the emotions blocking the dynamics of the conversation. Thank you very much for all of your help.

 — A lady from the American Southwest

Thank you very much for all your hard work. Thank you for helping me see [the real nature of my troubles]. You are so down to earth, no holds barred. You’re awesome, funny and your view of life in general is healthy. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

With so much love and gratitude,

 — A mother of four from the West Coast

I had a reading with Miss Michaele a few weeks ago on Hoodoo Psychics (needed instant gratification that day) to see how my rootwork is going on a certain situation. I just want to say how much I appreciate her giving me a reading without judgement, since it was not the type of work or situation she usually takes on or deals with, in fact quite the opposite. But she gave me the most insightful reading on it I’ve had yet, and gave me excellent rootwork advice that I believe is really making an impact. I really respect that even though it was not her favorite type of work, she was so into what the cards had to say and really put effort into giving good ideas. And the one she came up with was pretty harsh! On top of that she sends a recording of the reading – so I can listen to it whenever I want, to remind myself that things ARE working, and it helps to stay positive regarding the outcome. I hope to return to her soon for help with things on the more positive side.

— A woman in the Northeastern US

This is my first call for you. I am in shock right now: I have never heard someone talk about God in such a beautiful manner. I am eager to speak to you more and learn how to connect with God more. You gave me many ideas of how to turn towards him in a loving and fun way. I am really lost in my life and it is interesting to hear that you kept suggesting that I turn towards God and let go of my fears. You are truly a unique and sincere medium. You will be close to me I will connect with you a lot more. Thank you again for you caring mannerism …

— A young man in Canada

Thank you very much for working the honey jar, I have seen my kids’ grades shoot up and we are all extremely happy about that. They come home and tell me how their grades have improved.

— A mother of two young children

You have really been a blessing in my life, just for your advice alone, not including all the work and praying you have done for me. I really thank you for everything.

— A young mother on the U.S. East Coast

Just as good as any therapist, I have actually seen so much results with her help. … I believe her good magick helps strengthen my work. … Excellent listener too and always good advice. Exceedingly accurate too … very motherly.

— A young lady in the Pacific Northwest

Thank you so much, Miss Michaele, for letting me embrace The Light again and realize that this is and will become my only Reality since I gave my will and life over to my Lord Jesus The Christ!!! … Last night I just crashed into a deep, refreshing sleep. I will recommend you to everyone I meet who needs help getting through this difficult Life. God Bless you always, Miss Michaele and all the good works you do!!!

— a man on the U.S. East Coast

Since you lit those two reversing candles for me, my wife’s family has quit trying to turn her against me, my band got a gig in a club we’ve been trying to get into for years, and I have a new job where I ‘get paid for being myself,’ just like you said I should do!

— A musician on the U.S. Gulf Coast

11 thoughts on “Testimonials!

  1. You are a gift from the heavens….you gave me such a reading I am still amazed…I will always use you my new friend…..JoEllen

  2. I’ve been trying to manifest a long-term relationship for quite a while without any results. I finally figured that when a doctor needs an operation he won’t operate on himself and a lawyer who defends himself has a fool for a client…so I asked Miss Michaele Hoodoo for help and she gave me a fantastic reading, great advice, and excellent rootwork to perform. I can honestly say that I could not have done this without her assistance and I highly recommend her!

  3. I felt so at ease asking the questions that i had, like meeting with an old friend. Miss Michaele gave me a fantastic reading and great advice, my only regret is that i did not schedule a longer reading time. Look forward to working with her in the future. I highly recommend her!

  4. Thank you for your professionalism and accuracy! I like the fact that you are organized and I am grateful that I found you. Blessings

    1. Thank you so much! I wish you God’s blessing and good luck in all your endeavors.

      Miss Michaele

  5. Dear Miss Michaele,
    You did a reading for me at the 2017 hoodoo heritage festival. you probably do not remember me, but I was the silly girl who had only a large bill and had to go looking for change in order to pay you.

    I just wanted to say thank you. Since I met with you I have been drawn head first into studying Hoodoo. I was already reading about it enough to come to the festival, but it was sitting down at your table and watching you work that brought Hoodoo to life for me. I just want to express my gratitude for that.
    much love,


  6. Miss M is wonderful and so down to Earth like a sweet Grand mama or older Auntie. She gets down right to it and really wants to see you do better and your situation be resolved in the best possible ways for YOU. I would LOVE to work as her apprentice because she sounds like she really KNOWS what she’s doing and don’t bs around. Waiting to see the situation in my cases finally resolved, so I’m waiting for now but doing as prescribed in the meantime.

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