How Lodestones Bring Prosperity

In the world’s folk magic systems, lodestones are widely used to stimulate the flow of income and increase prosperity. In the old African-American hoodoo tradition, money that has spent time exposed to the influence of a lodestone is called trained hunting money. The lodestone’s continued influence will enable your money to return to you manyfold.

Always replenish your trained hunting money – and spend it on things you need, particularly for work or for the needs of life. Start (as near as you can) with the money that has been there longest.

Constructing a Lodestone Altar

The simplest way to construct such an altar is to place the lodestone in a bowl of coins and bills. You can also surround it with all kinds of symbols of prosperity: jewelry, foreign currency that comes your way, green and gold decorations of all kinds, and anything that shouts “prosperity” to you, even miniature cars, houses, or cash registers. My own lodestone altar includes Christmas tree pins. Some rootworkers swear by the Hotei Buddha or Rose of Jericho, also called “resurrection plant” because it thrives on nothing but water – it requires no soil.

Caring for Your Lodestone

When you receive your lodestone, it’s asleep. To awaken it to serve you takes some time, but is fairly simple: Soak it in whiskey for at least four hours, preferably overnight. Then let it air-dry. As it dries, sit by it and meditate, “listening” for it to tell you its name. Not all lodestone have names like “King Midas”; I know of one that is named “Piggy.” Also, let the lodestone guide you in constructing its altar along the lines described above.

As with any talisman or spiritual object, a lodestone requires regular feeding. Sprinkle it with a pinch of “magnetic sand” – iron filings – once a week; Thursday is traditionally the best day, since it is associated with Jupiter, the Roman god of wealth. Magnetic sand can also be purchased from Lucky Mojo, eBay, or (though I would not purchase lodestones there, not for magical work).

How to Make Money Stay with You

In addition to building a lodestone altar, here are some other Money Stay With Me tricks that make a nice complete plan of action. This is (mostly) a summary of advice given by Miss Cat and Dr. Kioni to a minister whose health was suffering, preventing fulltime work, and who was swamped by crippling student loans. “What you need,” said Miss Cat, “is lucky money, extra money,” but on the other hand, “It’s not how much you make, it’s how much you can keep.”

“… The idea of reducing your own fear and bringing in money is something that a lot of people don’t think about. I can see that you’ve thought this through, because people will often say, ‘I need money! I need money!’ But they’re still frightened, and attracting negative energy by being fearful. ”

The lodestone altar will safeguard your income. You can also dress the money on your lodestone altar with oils or powders, write affirmations on them (“My rent is paid by God,” “Thank you, Jesus,” “I have money sufficient for my needs by the grace of God,” etc.)

  • Nail down your home – finishing nails in the corners of each room, under the carpet; square-cut nails or the largest building nails at each corner of the building; railroad spikes at each corner of the property. Pray as you do so and anoint each nail with some kind of protection oil.
  • Make a flat packet of Five Finger Grass and place it behind a mirror or picture in your front room, preferably facing the front door – where, if your landlord comes to see you, his gaze will rest on it without his knowing it. Five-Finger Grass is useful for gaining favor in situations where money must change hands.
  • Affirmative prayers every month: On the first day of each month, or whenever you pay your major bills, anoint your car with Safe Travel products (to prevent accidents) and pray over the car: “My car is one of those one-in-ten-thousand cars that is going to run and run until the upholstery is worn through.” Not the engine, but the upholstery! “And I’ll duct-tape it, and we’ll keep going.”
  • Bless your health, too: on the same day, do some blessing of yourself with holy water or clear water, at least with some [kind of] health or Blessing Oil. Anoint your body. Look your body over and take stock, and say, “This is another month in which my health is blessed. My body is doing well this month, and this is another month in which [any] chronic health problems will not have flare-ups, and this is another month in which I will be inhabiting my body in peace and harmony. No doctors for me this month; no hospitals for me this month. This is a month in which I am blessed.””Every month, on the day that you pay, which is the first, I want you to attend to all three of those things. That’s to stop the leaks, or the potential for leaks, before it even starts to leak.
  • Keep a Rose of Jericho on your money altar; has them at a fairly reasonable price. I quote Dr. Kioni directly: “You also want to get yourself a Jericho rose, because they are really wonderful little botanicals that will help keep your money renewed and coming in. … Keep it in a dish of water, and write out your petition for your financial needs on a very small square of brown paper, and fold it to you. Place it in the middle of the Jericho rose, and then place coins on top of it. And then add your water and a couple drops of Rose essential oil. Stir it, and — I say something to this effect: ‘Jericho rose, just as your color is renewed, so shall my finances be renewed; just as your color is renewed, so shall my finances increase,’ you know, because it goes from brown to green.

“And when you dispose of the water — on Fridays, normally — you don’t just throw it away, because Jericho rose water, especially in the Palo traditions, can also be used as a substitute for holy water. You can also add several types of Cologne, such as Florida water and Rose Blossom cologne and Kananga, to name a few. And use some to wash your door down, and spill some across the threshold of your door. Mix in Basil water with it, if you like, because ‘where Basil is, evil can’t enter, and blessings follow.’ Add these two together, and wash down the front and the back of your front door and the entryway, and then dress it in any other manner that you please. But the Rose of Jericho is wonderful to have, because it will keep your money renewed — keep it coming in.” You will see slow but steady improvement for a very long time.

  • Also, keep pictures of the heroes of your chosen profession on your money altar. Offer them water or whatever else they want (be alert to mental impressions, such as unusual cravings — this is my tip, not Miss Cat’s or Dr. Kioni’s).
  • Develop other income streams. Build on your strengths – things you have experience in (and hopefully don’t hate), or things you love, because your love and interest will pull you along.
  • Dress any document addressed to a potential employer, or which might in any way bring you money, with powders such as Attraction, Look Me Over (especially for “cold calls”), Money Drawing, Pay Me, Steady Work, Crown of Success, or Commanding. You could even combine one or several of these. Dress your computer with the appropriate condition oils – monitor, keyboard and tower (the big box where the innards are, if you don’t have a laptop). Dress your phone, also.For meetings or interviews, of course, dress yourself and your resume or other documents with these oils and powders. Carry a Crown of Success or similar mojo, or wear a lucky talisman of some kind – it doesn’t have to show. Meanwhile, back up your business with a Crown of Success candle: light and pray over it before you leave the house.

Other herbs and formulae you could use: calendula, chamomile – anything with a disk-shaped yellow flower. Live Everlasting for health. Crucible of Courage to keep you calm. And my personal favorite, KING SOLOMON WISDOM all over everything!

You will find a much fuller explication of these methods in the following podcast: “Live Session: 043008 – Reducing Debt and Drawing Money.”