To Protect Your House:

  • You can place a pinch of salt mixed with red and black pepper at each corner of each room and one at the center – like the 5 on dice. Pray over it while you lay it down. Then follow up with a pinch at each corner of the house and one at each corner of the property. Replace as necessary, about once a week.
  • You can also dress the front and back doors and the windows once a week with a few drops of Fiery Wall of Protection oil, or any  protection oil from a reputable, old-fashioned spiritual supplier. With oiled fingers, make a tiny X at each corner and at the center.
  • You can also place mirrors so that anyone who looks into your windows or doorways gets their gaze bounced right back at them.  Some people find Mylar on the windows “to keep out sun and heat” also keeps out the evil eye and bad luck.
  • A line of red brick dust across your doorway is another good old way to protect a house. Just touch it up as needed. You can buy it from spiritual suppliers or just smash up a red brick with a hammer. If you’re smashing up a brick for yourself, you can have a good old time cursing out your enemies. And don’t stop with the mean people you know — make sure to include “all enemies known AND UNKNOWN.”
  • If you’re any good with potted plants, you can keep a cactus in each window where passersby can look in, so if anyone’s giving you the stink-eye it’ll “put their eye out.”  (My Justice Altar stands beside a window, so I like to keep a vase of thistles there.)

To Protect Your Person:

  • You can get evil eye charms – they look like little blue eyes made of glass – to keep on your keychain or on a necklace. Hamsa hands, also called Hands of Miriam, which look like metal hands with a blue eye in the palm, are an old Muslim and Jewish charm which many rely on.
  • A very old-fashioned protection trick is to bore a hole in a Mercury dime (also called a Liberty dime) and wear it around your ankle; if it turns black or falls off, it has taken a hit for you. Then you polish it (if necessary), wash it in whiskey, and put it back on.
  • You can also wear protection oils as you would perfume, and on your feet.
  • You can dab a little protection oil on a wet washcloth and throw it in the dryer with the rest of the laundry, thereby dressing everybody’s clothes. And the towels 🙂

    Protective items I use to help clients. Clockwise from center: Mercury dimes, devil pod, evil eye charm, dragon’s blood incense resin, cut and sifted eucalyptus leaf.
  • You can also spike grooming products with protective oils – or sachet powders, if anyone uses foot powder, Gold Bond powder, etc.
  • Once your cleansing and protection work is done, I recommend regular use of Lucky Mojo’s Lucky 13 oil. It’s originally intended for gambling luck, but since it contains black cat hair and other things thought to be unlucky, to turn the bad luck into good luck, it’s often used by people who need to end a long run of bad luck. Their Black Cat supplies are a similar high-quality formula more directly focused on reversing bad luck.

All these items (though not the particular version of the Hamsa Hand shown here) can be purchased from Lucky Mojo; some of them can also be found on eBay, which might mean quicker shipping for you.