Ah, the ceaseless invention of the human spirit: psychic frauds have found yet another way to rip people off. I’m speechless. Just click and read.

Fake Psychics

Yes – my AIRR logo is clickable. Try it. Why is this reassuring? Because I had to jump through hoops for months years to get into AIRR.

  • I had to be trained by its founder – in my case, years before AIRR even started.
  • I had to prove myself to my teacher and fellow students as an ethical person – and you know there is no shortcut for that.
  • I had to submit to a series of interviews by qualified and ethical rootworkers.

And that’s why my name, and not this ripoff artist’s, is on the AIRR list. If the AIRR logo DOESN’T link to a list where your rootworker’s name appears, it’s a fake, and so is s/he. It’s that simple.

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