Offering of sponge cake and coffee to Aunt Caroline Dye
The astrology-themed china was a gift from Miss catherine yronwode. Cake and whipped cream are homemade. Nectarine sauce is a locally made product.

So why am I trying to make some sponge cake before my 10:00 reading?

We have to turn back the clock a couple weeks, when I looked at the picture of Aunt Caroline Dye on my altar. I told her that I and my clients needed her help.

And she answered almost at once, by making me more disciplined and industrious. Stuff that had been waiting for my attention for a week was finished over the next couple of days.

So today I woke up thinking of flowers, sponge cake and jam. I’m not a dessert eater, so I knew that was someone else’s wish — and no one else I’ve been working with has a tradition of asking for cake. (Actually, I haven’t heard of any traditions of offerings to Aunt Caroline at all, so this will be just between her and me, for now.)

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