This is double-knit with two colors of self-striping yarn, a soft, nubbly, shiny acrylic. When I'm done, I'm going to join the ends into a moebius strip ... wait, this isn't a knitting blog?

Well, I have reading summaries to send out (so much faster now that it’s basically a recording of the reading and a list of links), and candles to design and light and prayers to say and people are starting to clamor for me at Hoodoo Psychics (and I’ve been meeting some really nifty people that way lately).

And didn’t I promise everybody a post on “Getting with Mr. Wrong” a couple of weeks ago?

And I took so long about getting my chapel registered with the Missionary Independent Spiritual Churches that they got tired of waiting for me and listed it  in the Crystal Silence League newsletter anyway.

Oh, and I’m supposed to be blogging or podcasting about “Storefront Theology” over there at the chapel.

And there sits temptation, in all its particolored fluffy glory…

You know what, though, if I’d given in, that scarf would be about three-quarters finished by now, so there!

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