…so to speak.

First, a picture of a small part of my candle supply, waiting for your petitions.

Oh, and the brown candle on the far left was white when I bought it. Similar process (described below), just added dye.

Candles are fragile things. Any shop that sells them has to figure on a certain percentage of loss when candles arrived broken, melted, or even with manufacturing defects such as no wicks. One of the commonest problems is candle glasses breaking in transit. That’s what happened to the four candles in the center of this picture:

They spent the afternoon in a solar oven, melting (and leaking) out of their original broken glasses. When they were melted, I removed the wicks, hot-glued them into the new candle glasses you see here, and poured the wax in. By tomorrow they’ll be ready for your needs.

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