As you know, I’ve been burning these candles since October 20 of last year.

pink pullout candle
A couple weeks ago, I got hold of a beautiful pink pullout candle. These are big pillars made to fit inside wide-mouth novena candle jars as replacements when the original candle burns down. They're made of good solid wax, so they can stand alone.
pink pullout candle with first layer of herbs and wax
So I roll it in lavender wax and herbs for mastery (and for LGBT-ness). This layer includes fragments of angelica root and rose petal.
Completed It Gets Better candle on altar
Then I dress it with black wax sprinkled with herbs used in protection and jinxing work; red pepper, black pepper and others.















The only thing missing in this work is your name and petition. If you are being harrassed and hounded because of your sexual orientation, this candle burns for you. Please email me your name and petition.

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